Turbocharging Your B2B Sales

Less is more: Minimum Viable Sales Image: Markus Spiske - Unsplash Unless they benefit from an exceptionally strong vision or leadership team in place, most organizations seem to function on an everyone has a veto, no one can make the decision basis. This feature of organizations is the bane of B2B sales. A Google search... Continue Reading →

Innovating Within a Business Context

Seeing innovation management clearly through first principles Photo by David Travis on Unsplash The subject of innovation is a uniquely modern preoccupation in the contemporary C-Suite, but if John Wanamaker sat in one today, one could surely picture him paraphrasing this over a century-old quote of his: Half of the time, innovation frameworks work, the... Continue Reading →

Managing Corporate Innovation

Balancing structure and flexibility to build a successful corporate innovation portfolio 1492 Ocean Map by Martin Behaim - Wikimedia Commons Working as a corporate innovation consultant, I am constantly confronted with the tension resulting from having to balance structure and flexibility. When innovating, surely, the more flexibility, and the bigger the canvas, the more freedom,... Continue Reading →

The Two-Piece Aluminum Can

Lessons for the Circular Economy Photo: Karolina Grabowska - Pexels What goes around, comes around goes the saying. So, one might argue that aluminum cans must enjoy exceptionally good karma. Just in the United States, consumers recycle over 46% of all the aluminum cans after having quaffed their contents. As a result, about 75% of... Continue Reading →

Unlocking the Promise of Open Banking

What do Noise-Cancelling Headsets and Open Banking Have in Common? Photo: Jason Pofahl, via Unsplash In October 2015, the European Union adopted the Revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, ushering in one of the more ambitious, cross-border, regulation-driven introductions of Open Banking so far. Five years on, as it adapts to the PSD2 mandated Open... Continue Reading →

No Lockdown, No Problem

How Democratic Taiwan Unleashes Social Innovation to Fight Covid-19 “portrait Audrey Tang” by AudreyTang is licensed under CC BY 2.0 “The Pandemic served as an amplifier of two different governing models,” says Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister, whose portfolio includes the Government’s Social Innovation, Open Government, and Youth Engagement, initiatives. Tang was referring to the stark contrasts in the... Continue Reading →

Approaches to Digital Transformation

A History of Creating and Managing Digital Assets "Detail - Cuneiform Inscription" by A.Davey is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Many Revolutions At the dawn of civilization, bands of Homo Sapiens had been roaming for hundreds of thousands of years. Our nomadic ancestors were one with the Earth, collecting what sources of calories they could,... Continue Reading →

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