How Banks Turn Trust into Cash

The economics of deposits, loans, and the money multiplier Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash You may have heard a variation of this story before: Alice, an author, deposits a $100 check she received as an advance for her next book in the bank. Brandon Baker takes that $100 out as a loan from the... Continue Reading →

The First Global Immunization Campaign

Francisco Xavier de Balmis and his twenty-two orphans’ vaccine expedition Image: Francisco Pérez, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons It is said that King Carlos IV of Spain may have made the decision to send Francisco Javier de Balmis on the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition of 1803 with his broken heart. Carlos’ beloved daughter Maria Teresa... Continue Reading →

Is Zoom Fatigue a Thing?

How remote work drained me of energy and how I fixed it Photo by Niklas Hamman - Unsplash I’m introvert, and verily so. A test puts me at three standard deviations above the average person in introversion. If accurate, that would mean that I am more introverted than 99.7% of all the people who took... Continue Reading →

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