Innovating Within a Business Context

Seeing innovation management clearly through first principles Photo by David Travis on Unsplash The subject of innovation is a uniquely modern preoccupation in the contemporary C-Suite, but if John Wanamaker sat in one today, one could surely picture him paraphrasing this over a century-old quote of his: Half of the time, innovation frameworks work, the... Continue Reading →

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When it’s Time to Fire a Customer

On Price, Value, Segmentation, Targeting, and Value Proposition |Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay| A while back, I started noticing an interesting tendency among guests staying in my Airbnb rental property. Customers who aggressively negotiated their price for accommodation were usually also more demanding, had more additional requests, and complained more during their stay. While... Continue Reading →

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How to Build a Dynamic Pricing Model

The following is known to be true in business: High Price, Low Volumes. High Volumes, Low Price. Or is it? |Photo by Benjamin Sharpe on Unsplash| In this article, I share with you my experience in building a dynamic pricing system for a long-distance train company, and how we increased the number of seats sold without changing our... Continue Reading →

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Turbocharging Your B2B Sales

Less is more: Minimum Viable Sales Image: Markus Spiske - Unsplash Unless they benefit from an exceptionally strong vision or leadership team in place, most organizations seem to function on an everyone has a veto, no one can make the decision basis. This feature of organizations is the bane of B2B sales. A Google search... Continue Reading →

Managing Corporate Innovation

Balancing structure and flexibility to build a successful corporate innovation portfolio 1492 Ocean Map by Martin Behaim - Wikimedia Commons Working as a corporate innovation consultant, I am constantly confronted with the tension resulting from having to balance structure and flexibility. When innovating, surely, the more flexibility, and the bigger the canvas, the more freedom,... Continue Reading →

How Banks Turn Trust into Cash

The economics of deposits, loans, and the money multiplier Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash You may have heard a variation of this story before: Alice, an author, deposits a $100 check she received as an advance for her next book in the bank. Brandon Baker takes that $100 out as a loan from the... Continue Reading →

The First Global Immunization Campaign

Francisco Xavier de Balmis and his twenty-two orphans’ vaccine expedition Image: Francisco Pérez, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons It is said that King Carlos IV of Spain may have made the decision to send Francisco Javier de Balmis on the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition of 1803 with his broken heart. Carlos’ beloved daughter Maria Teresa... Continue Reading →

Is Zoom Fatigue a Thing?

How remote work drained me of energy and how I fixed it Photo by Niklas Hamman - Unsplash I’m introvert, and verily so. A test puts me at three standard deviations above the average person in introversion. If accurate, that would mean that I am more introverted than 99.7% of all the people who took... Continue Reading →

To Become a Good Writer

Be bad at many other things first Photo: Laura Chouette - Unsplash The better I got at the viola, the worse I realized I was, says comedian John Oliver to Stephen Colbert in this interview. I know the feeling, brother. If life is a case study in ironies, it is no surprise that comics can... Continue Reading →

Embrace Stress, Reject Anxiety

For better performance in the socially-distanced workplace Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash After experiencing consecutive waves of adoption of remote working practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the organizations that I work with, I detected an undercurrent of stress and anxiety developing among many of their employees. It is now becoming clear how we may have... Continue Reading →

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